Price list



Audit cost (excl. VAT, PLN)









Weekly (and Sunday edition

of daily)




Bi-weekly and periodical published two or three times a month




Monthly and periodical publishedleast ten times a year




Perodical published less frequently than ten times a year (and Special or Extraordinary Issues – not beeing Audited Publication)


Additional fees (calculated upon the basic fee for a given frequency and area (see table above):
+ 20%     for an audit of E-editions;

+ 5%      for the verification of end users of other paid distribution of e-editions, in accordance with the Procedure set forth in Appendix 4 to Audit Guidelines;

+ 20%     for an audit of Digital Mutations;

+ 10%    for an audit of Digital Mutations sold in the system reporting the total sales in a    given period, not allowing a breakdown into individual issues or not allowing to indicate the initial issue of the subscription (Article 3.14 of Audit Rules*);

+ 25%    for an audit of a title with Price or Editorial Mutations;

+ 20%    for the 1st stage of the verification of end recipients of unpaid titles, free circulation of Paid Business Publications and free circulation of Paid Publications, in the case mentioned in Article 2.7.6 of Audit Rules;

+ 10%     for each of the three procedures (database verification for doubled records, including partially doubled records; verification of the correctness of addresses; telephone verification) of the 2nd stage of the verification of the Unpaid Publications’ end recipients, free circulation of Paid Business Publications and free circulation of Paid Publications, in the case mentioned in Article 2.7.6 of Audit Rules;

+ 50%    for two months additionally audited;


+10%     for each month additionally audited, in case of need to audit the rest period (in accordance with Article 5.11 Audit Rules);

+ 10%    for each month additionally audited (in accordance with Article 5.9 and 5.20 Audit Rules);

+ 50%     for an audit of supplemental declarations of Paid Publications in accordance with Article 2.7.6 of Audit Rules;

+ 20%     for an audit of Paid Business Publications;

+ 40%    for an ordinary audit carried out after June 30th of each calendar year;

+ 10%     in the event the Board chooses not to audit the following months (in accordance with Article 5.12 of Audit Rules) and in the event of necessity to correct the declared data due to a system error in a period that has not been audited in detail (applies to titles published more frequently than once a month);

+ 100%    for an extraordinary audit.

In the case of a preliminary audit mentioned in Article 2.7.9 of Audit Rules, for titles published at least 10 times in a year, the price of the audit is calculated according to the above pricelist; in the event the preliminary audit covers four statements (in accordance with Article, the price is increased by 20%. In the case of titles published less frequently than 10 times in a year, the price calculated according to this pricelist is reduced by 50 percent, with exception of the situation mentioned in Article 5.2. of Audit Rules.

* Audit Rules text valid as of January 1st, 2017.