Audited titles




Związek Kontroli Dystrybucji Prasy (ZKDP – ABC Poland) is a non-profit organization. Its principal aim is helping to establish the ethical and business standards regulating the Polish press market by supplying objective and carefully verified press circulation and distribution data.

ZKDP is the o­nly organization in this country associating the representatives of publishers, advertising agencies, advertisers and other entities operating o­n the press market.

In 1997 ZKDP broadened its scope of operations by the press readership research, conducted by Polskie Badania Czytelnictwa (PBC), a company established for that particular aim.

The publication of ZKDP-verified press circulation data as well as the results of research carried out by PBC helps to protect our press and advertising market from unfair competition. Such data are a reliable point of reference accepted both by the sellers and the purchasers of the advertising space in newspapers and magazines. They allow them not o­nly to determine in an unbiased way what the real position of a particular title against its competitors is, but also to carefully plan their advertising campaigns.