Audited titles




Currently ZKDP controls 224 titles published by its members. Each of the members submits a monthly statement of the circulation and distribution of the controlled title.

Information about, among others:

  • press run,
  • the single copy and subscription sales, including the sales of e-editions (paid publications),
  • the sales by price mutations (eg. editions with gifts included),
  • number of copies handed out or mailed free of charge.,
  • returns,
  • circulation by area (provinces)

are published each month o­n www.teleskop.org.pl. The access to any other data is reserved for ZKDP members o­nly.

Following the end of each year, auditors authorized by the Board verify the data declared by the publishers against their financial records. The detailed results of an audit are disseminated to ZKDP members, and selected data (average single press run, paid circulation and free distribution) are published in the bulletin of the Board (available in the Audit Results section).