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Związek Kontroli Dystrybucji Prasy has operated since 1994.

The initiative to establish ZKDP came from Dariusz Fikus, the first chairperson of the Board, then editor-in-chief of Rzeczpospolita. o­n July 23rd 1993, in a letter addressed to publishers he encouraged them to establish an organization similar to DC (Diffusion Contrôle) - the French Audit Bureau of Circulations. He proposed for that new organization to consist of publishers, advertisers and advertising agencies.

Mr Fikus's idea was very well received by the press industry, Dariusz Fikus, fot. A. Brzezińskasince the new situation of the media resulting from the introduction of the free market economy dramatically altered the press market. Advertisements became an increasingly important element of publishers' income. However, no authoritative data o­n circulation and returns were available, resulting in countless misunderstandings among publisher, advertisers and advertising agencies.

The procedures initiated in autumn 1993 resulted in the establishing of the founding group, consisting of the representatives of the publishers of Express Wieczorny, Gazeta Wyborcza, Przegląd Sportowy, Rzeczpospolita, Super Express, Trybuna and Życie Warszawy dailies, Twój Styl monthly, Wprost weekly and Jahr Verlag, Polskapresse publishing house.

On January 14th 1994 the representatives of 12 press publishers singed a Letter of Intent o­n establishing the Institute of Press Circulation Control. The proposed aim of the organization was the control of the circulation and distribution of newspapers, magazines and periodicals, as well as the readership research.

Five months later, o­n June 1st 1994, upon the initiative of the Founding Committee consisting of Elżbieta Ponikło (Rzeczpospolita), Cezary Windorbski (Twój Styl) i Giuseppe Magri (Życie Warszawy), Związek Kontroli Dystrybucji Prasy was registered by the Provincial Court in Warsaw. In September 1994, 37 members (currently 253) participated in the founding meeting chaired by Ludwik Żukowski, Esq. The Meeting passed the Audit Rules, established the membership fees and elected the members of the Board. Moreover, the logo of ZKDP - the Hat - designed by Marek Zalejski (Studio Q) was approved.

The first audit bureau of circulations was established by publishers, advertisers and advertising agencies in the United States in 1914. With the development of the advertising market, similar organization weren established in other countries. The operations of many of them is not limited to the verification of the press circulation and sales figures. The Belgian CIM runs TV, radio, outdoor and cinema audience research.They also monitors the advertising expenditures. The ABC UK controls the participation in fairs and exhibitons. As many others, are also involved in the website traffic verification. The American ABC, as well as Finish, Indian, Romanian, Swiss and Polish, among others, are conducting the readership surveys.