Advertise sensibly !

Such situation is the consequence of the discount policy of TV stations. That results not o­nly in lower revenues of press publishers but, what is important for advertisers, poorer effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Mleczko nosorozec

Collaborating associations of publishers decided to commence an extensive campaign aimed to promote effectiveness of press advertising among advertising agencies and advertisers.

The press promoting campaign has been initiated by the Supervisory Board of Polskie Badania Czytelnictwa. Although the campaign is carried out under the auspices of three associations of publishers: Związek Kontroli Dystrybucji Prasy (ZKDP), Polskie Badania Czytelnictwa (PBC) and Izba Wydawców Prasy (IWP), 83 publishers from all over Poland are the key players in the campaign.     

The campaign was financed by Związek Kontroli Dystrybucji Prasy and Polskie Badania Czytelnictwa, while the publishers advertised the campaign in their publications.         

The outline of the campaign was drafted by a large team appointed by the publishers, aided by representatives of boards of ZKDP, IWP and PBC. The detailed program of the campaign was developed by a working party of several members assigned by the above mentioned team.         

In the pre-campaign stage, PBC commissioned from SMG/KRC Institute a national, large-sample survey of attitudes towards press and TV advertising. 8000 respondents took part in the survey. Its results prove a much more favorable reception of press advertising then TV advertising, and have been employed in the campaign.  

The campaign consisted of two main stages:

    Public – in printed media

    BTL - channeled directly to recipients (advertisers and advertising agencies) through personalized mail addressed to appropriate individuals in companies.

The first, and longest stage of the campaign involved messages indicating the unique features of press advertising, published in many Polish printed media. The publishers printed the campaign messages as their own advertisements. They appeared in 172 newspapers and magazines.

Three different advertising projects focused o­n the following advantages of press advertisements:

    Press advertising reaches the most desirable targets (a reader-consumer is a better recipient) and provides for a better reception of advertising communication, resulting from better focus and engagement of a reader (“Cisza”/”Silence” advertisement);

    Press advertising is better suited to communicate a wider range of practical information, to which a consumer can return at any time (“Zapałka”/”Match” advertisement).

    Press advertising allows including product samples. Consequently, consumers have an opportunity to test a product before making decision of a purchase (“Próbka”/”Sample” advertisement).

Each of the three advertisements were signed by “Press publishers” and displayed the following headline:
“Our Customer has a Good Press”

All three advertisements used in the campaign were created by Corporate Profiles DDB agency.

The second major segment of the campaign included actions directed to representatives of almost 1000 advertisers, advertising agencies and media houses. They all received material that demonstrated high effectiveness of press advertising. That segment of the campaign was developed (with support of the publishers’ working party) and then carried out by Eskadra BTL agency from Krakow, selected upon a competition basis.

BTL’s actions included several phases:

    As an introduction to the campaign, the addressees received, by mail, orange-colored boxes (the color of the campaign). Each box contained a helium-filled balloon with a note attached to the string, reading “DON’T BUY AIR! THINK! TO BE CONTUINUED”

    The following day each addressee received a “Think” catalogue and a picture frame with and intriguing text, encouraging the person to send an SMS or e-mail in order to receive an original cartoon by Andrzej Mleczko with the original signature of the artist.

    The “Think” catalogue formed the educational phase of the project. It contained results of surveys carried out by PBC and other agencies, highlighting the fact that press advertising is the most favored type of advertising, particularly when compared with TV advertising. The catalogue also included opinions of representatives of advertising agencies and advertisers, as well as other interesting facts. The response in that stage was 13%, an excellent result when compared with the average 1-2% response for other mailing campaigns.

    In the next phase, each recipient was sent the cartoon by Andrzej Mleczko, an artistic comment o­n advertising. Those that had sent an SMS or e-mail, received the cartoon signed by the artist and packed in an unusual way – in a milk bottle from the communist times [a play of words: the cartoonist’s name means “milk” in Polish].

    As a summary of the campaign, each addressee received the “Letter to the Participants of the Campaign” and “Branch Messages” – individual cards reviewing and highlighting the most important arguments in favor of press advertising. Specific content of the mailing depended o­n a branch/industry.

     Eventually the addressees received a comprehensive material in electronic form that included:

        Unique database of phone numbers and addresses of publishers participating in the campaign, including names and phone numbers of advertising, marketing or sales directors and/or persons responsible for advertising sales in the publishing houses. The database was in a user-friendly explorer format, with graphic elements matching those used throughout the campaign;

         The “Attitudes towards advertising” survey in the format of SoftReport Explorer (the software used for PBC data);

        The “Think” catalogue.

VIP Phase

In the 5th phase, 50 VIPs selected from the entire database, all of them from the advertising industry (large networks of agencies, media houses), received pen drives instead of CDs.

The campaign has been supported by so called third segment, the website: (named after o­ne of the advertisements used during the campaign). It contains the campaign’s press advertisements, list of publishers participating in the campaign, material mailed to advertisers and advertising agencies, as well as interesting advertisements from 1920s and 1930s, and some of the most outstanding, recent press advertisements, winners of "Kreatura" contest. The website, developed throughout the campaign, is likely to become a permanent website devoted to press advertising, linked with the PBC’s and ZKDP's website.