Black on white

The aim of the campaign, which was planned to last until the end of 2006, is to increase the awareness of the ZKDP brand.

The “Black o­n white” was a reaction to the demands of the publishing industry that both the "controlled circulation" logo which the controlled titles are entitled to use, and the membership in ZKDP need promotion.

According to them, the increasing awareness of the sign, as well as the publicizing of ZKDP's aims, will promote newspapers and magazines as a medium of advertising, at the same time improving the press and advertising market in Poland.

"Our intention is for the advertising focused o­n the "controlled circulation" logo to express in an evocative, synthetic and clear manner the values represented by ZKDP through its activities, and by its members through their membership in ZKDP" - explain the members of the Board's Committee of Press Promotion.

Let’s hope that not o­nly the advertising campaign will promote the logo itself, but also that such a sign of the controlled circulation will be perceived as a prestigious distinction of each title that has a right to use it.