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Press under control

Press under control

It was distributed among advertisers, employees of media houses and advertising agencies in December 2006, together with Christmas greetings and a small gift.

The multimedia presentation is of a very modern design. It consists of five parts and includes basic information o­n the objectives and activities of ZKDP and PBC. Thanks to these features, all media people will get to know immediately the methods, terminology and tools used in the planning of press advertising campaign in an instant.

One of the major parts focuses o­n the research carried out by PBC and Teleskop o­nline. Thanks to the Teleksop o­nline tool, all ZKDP members can get access to the circulation and distribution data of all titles audited by the organization. The presentation describes thoroughly recent changes introduced in the PBC research. All modifications aim at improving its quality and obtaining even more detailed results o­n the press readership.

The presentation includes also opinions of advertising authorities such as Tadeusz Żurawski (President of the board - Universal McCann), Daria Draszczyk (Media Manager - Mediaedge) and Jakub Jasinski (Publicity Manager - PTC Era) who describe the role of readership research and ZKDP data in their work.