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Promotion Activity

The „Press works!” campaign

The „Press works!” campaign is another advertising campaign initiated by ZKDP in order to promote press titles as an effective advertising platform. This time the voice belonged to the experts. In the personally and hand-made advertorials, about theadvantages of press spoke the experts from different media houses, creatives from advertising houses, strategists and planners. The creators included many well known media experts from Poland:


ZKDP being an official partner of INMA/OPA conference in Krakow (Poland)

More than 310 editors and managers of leading news media from Europe and the world arrived to Krakow (Poland) for the annual conference of the INMA/OPA Europe.

From September 29 to October 1 they discussed the future of print, internet, and mobile media  as well as shared their experience in how social, technological and market developments affect consumers and advertisers, and how to meet their expectations.


Press under control

It was distributed among advertisers, employees of media houses and advertising agencies in December 2006, together with Christmas greetings and a small gift.

The multimedia presentation is of a very modern design. It consists of five parts and includes basic information o­n the objectives and activities of ZKDP and PBC. Thanks to these features, all media people will get to know immediately the methods, terminology and tools used in the planning of press advertising campaign in an instant.


Black on white

The aim of the campaign, which was planned to last until the end of 2006, is to increase the awareness of the ZKDP brand.

The “Black o­n white” was a reaction to the demands of the publishing industry that both the "controlled circulation" logo which the controlled titles are entitled to use, and the membership in ZKDP need promotion.


Discover the press!

It focuses o­n the promotion of press as an efficient advertising medium and o­n the unique traits of daily newspapers and magazines, with an aim to encourage media planners and advertisers to use that medium more frequently.


Advertise sensibly !

Such situation is the consequence of the discount policy of TV stations. That results not o­nly in lower revenues of press publishers but, what is important for advertisers, poorer effectiveness of advertising campaigns.